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AKeita Consulting is an HR consulting firm specializing in the design and implementation of effective learning and development solutions, drawn from the practical experience of our experts. It is this set of knowledge and skills developed over time that we wish to share, in order to help other organizations improve the quality-price ratio of their processes.

We work in partnership with our clients to address their training challenges and have supported a number of governments, NGOs, development partners and regional partners to develop their human resources and operational capabilities.

We aim to help organizations, through our training programs, to better serve the public by becoming more productive, responsible, results-oriented and creative in their various business locations.

Training and capacity building are often far from having a total impact. Our agile models, rigorous processes and innovative approach create an environment that helps teams, managers and executives acquire the skills necessary for long-term success and overall organizational transformations.

We involve our customers from the start in assessing their own needs and creating a suitable solution. Far from considering training as a simple area of specialization, we rather see it as a tool for bringing about specific organizational and behavioral changes.

The integration of practical activities and structured monitoring, with a view to accelerating the learning process through direct simulation.

The conjunction of training with other management interventions: needs assessment, strategic planning, process re-engineering, action plan or design of information systems. All in order to integrate training into a broader context of performance improvement.

Working with  diverse groups which encourages more effective teamwork and direct application of learning.

AKeita Consulting's training services have a distinctive impact on professional performance because they are based on practical professional experiences. In order to be as relevant and effective as possible, our training generally includes the following elements:


Our mission is to share our skills and knowledge to deliver holistic, personalized experiences that create change to drive improvements in the culture of all organizations.



Better support and facilitate the implementation of change and training within organizations.


Providing tools for individuals and organizations to obtain a better return on investment so that they reach their full potential.


Generate interest and provide sustainable strategic tools.

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